Our Mission Statement

H&B Financial Group, Inc. is a full service, independent financial planning and investment management firm.  While we handle a variety of financial matters, we specialize in two primary areas: (1) retirement planning and investment management for individuals and (2) pension and profit sharing plans for businesses.   

Our mission is to provide you, the client, with an individualized, comprehensive financial plan that fits you, your life, your goals and your risk tolerance and time horizon. Not everyone is the same.  We all know that.  You deserve a comprehensive estate plan--one that works seamlessly with your estate plan--to maximize your return during your lifetime and maximize the benefit to your spouse, children and other loved ones after you gone.  

Remember:  Hope is not a plan.  You need a plan--a comprehensive financial plan that works with your estate plan.  Much like a good football coach, we, as independent financial planners, will work with you (i) to develop a comprehensive plan that truly reflects your own needs, financial goals, time horizon and and risk tolerance, (ii) to implement that plan, and (iii) to monitor and adjust that plan as appropriate as circumstances change in your life or in the market.   You deserve nothing less.  

We pride ourselves on the personalized and dedicated service we provide to our clients.  We believe that no one outworks us, and we believe that our hard work is reflected in the results that we achieve for our clients. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.